It’s raining, It’s pouring, and the German Shepherds are Snoring…. Why? Because we are not going hiking in the rain. I don’t mind so much hiking in the rain but I like it better in the rain forest of western Oregon, than the High Desert of Central Oregon.
I realized that I have been mentioning that sets of cards can be purchased on my webstore. I only have 4 of the 32 different sets listed. So I need to get listing again. I figure there are actually many different possibilities with the sets but I haven’t figured out how to make a listing for a build your own set. I am thinking about it though.
So here are a couple of the sets I have listed now.×6-three-oregon-lakes-sparks-lake-crater-lake-benson-lake/

The German Shepherd loved this hike, to Benson lake

The second set of cards I have listed×6/

This is a set from my quilt series. These were taken during the Sisters Quilt show last year. There are several that could be mixed and matched to make a set, in the quilt series, or in the Rose series, or in the hiking trails.
The sets are priced at $9.00 for 3, $12.00 for 4, and $ 22.50 for a set of 8