Day 2
I decided to check out the yard. I started in the backyard and planned to work my way out to the front. I didn’t make it very far but that is ok.

I am fascinated by the lines and the light from the early morning sun shining through the leaves of the Bearded Iris. I have spent many photographic sessions just trying to get the light right as it shines through something. Leaves are one of my favorite subjects with the sun.

My next focus was the wild geraniums blooming in the morning sun. This is one of the earliest wild flowers to bloom and I usually let them grow in my yard.
I ran out of time this morning so had to put down the camera and go to work. It is not how long you get out and take photos, It is about getting out and taking the photos every day.

The bridge shot I used for my feature photo was taken last fall on the trail to Toketee Fall / Blue Pool. It represents bridges that need to be crossed to get the best out of my work.