It seems sometimes we are just going through tunnels, you focus on one thing and don’t see anything around you. Other times you see the light at the end of the tunnel and you follow it to a new day.
For my day 3 photo I had an idea and was able to make it happen. However I also looked around and found other things to photograph.

Every spring I can count on the Desert Sand lilies to bloom in my front yard, and they did. I have a neighbor who likes to practice his golf in his front yard, every once in a while I gather them all up and toss them back into his yard. I noticed the white golf balls and the white Desert Lilies and thought they would make a cool photo if combined.

That was my tunnel vision this morning, I did however take the time to photograph another of my favorite wild flowers. Because I was following the light at the end of the tunnel and focusing on what else might be beyond the Desert Lilies

The common name for this flower is the small flowered Blue eyed Mary. The bloom is barley 1/4 inch in size and the plant grows really low to the ground. They remind me of the lobelias I like to use in my summer flowerbeds. I do look forward to these flowers because they are gone quickly.

I also scoped out a few more ideas to photograph later…. Maybe tomorrow maybe another day.