Mother Nature and I have been have issues about who is going to get my greenhouse cover.

She was bound and determined to remove it and I was determined to keep it. So far I win.

Today I decided to do a second planting of the carrots and spinach that I planted in this strawberry patch. The seedlings coming up are spinach carrots and romaine lettuce that I planted 3 weeks ago. My plan is to plant some of the tomatoes in this box as well. I am most definitely looking forward to the strawberries this summer. I also have 8 new strawberry plants to add to the other boxes. So the box next to this one got 3 new strawberry plants and the carrot seed and spinach seed broadcast.
I know I said that I was not going to plant my tomato plants yet but I have 5 that I know what types they are I just don’t know which ones are what. My German Shepard’s mixed them up one day by pulling the peat pots out of the container they were in.

Each one is planted with a basil plant. Well it was so nice and warm in the green house I could not resist.

They are planted in there with the strawberries and the spinach and carrots and lettuce.

The daliahs are planted in much larger pots. which leaves me with a lot more small pots to transplant the zinnias and maybe the marigolds though those will be planted in the bigger 6ft planters in the greenhouse as well.

and of course tonight’s forecast is for 32 degrees So I covered everything up with the frost cover. Hope the tomatoes and basil survive.