I think I mentioned earlier that my property is two levels and the house sits on the upper level.

When I moved in 20+ years ago I fell in love with the front rock beds. I had this vision of the flowerbeds filled with colorful flowers. Petunias, California poppies, Cone flowers Dahlias …… So I started digging in. I had lived in Central Oregon long enough to know not to plant before the second week in June, I had colorful pansies, geraniums, and petunias and lots of color. I knew that the South West facing rocks would get a lot of hot sun during the day and the tiered flowerbeds would be under the shade of the Western Juniper trees. I had big plans. What I hadn’t expected was, that the deer and the chipmunks would eat all of my flowers. I watered but everything was dry under the juniper limbs. The front rocks below the windows and the lower ground are in the shade till about noon and then get the direct hot SW Sun. And when I got my water bills, they were over 100.00 each month of the summer. What the deer and the chipmunks hadn’t eaten were scrawny and then we had an early September frost. I figured out that the juniper limbs were catching the water and not letting the ground get any. I wanted to improve my views of the mountains and remove the junipers that were too close to the house. So I cut them at different levels. My plan for those were to hang bird feeders and flower baskets from them. Over the years I tried different watering systems, perennials, and lastly some bushes. One thing I noticed every year was that I lost everything between the months of March and May. I hadn’t factored in the dry cold wind we get those months. if the cold doesn’t dry it out the wind will. So for the last few years I have let this area of my yard go. I would still try to plant in the tiers but….. Now I have the time to work this area. It is maybe a quarter acre maybe a bit more, another small section of my 2 acre place. I sit in my favorite chair in the window looking at the mountains views and look and the yard. It needs work….

So today I decided it would be a good time to start work on the yard, it was cloudy and unseasonably warm, temps in the 60’s, the ground has not frozen for the year. Perfect time to dig in the dirt. I have a piece of garden art that looks like a rock with a face in it. It was an inexpensive resin piece and I have had it for several years. The summer before last It took a hit from some hail and punched a hole in it. So I had decided to move it, I add it to some more real round rocks and covered up the hole in his cheek. But I didn’t like the placement of it up against the 3 sisters rocks. so I moved it out a bit and added more rocks. I then realized that I had made a dry creek several years ago, and that the face would fit there. while I was at it I should start weeding, and I should maybe get the clover seed out and toss it , why not get the snap dragon seeds and see what else I have that I can toss out now for an early spring germination. I kept adding a bit more and a bit more to my weeding

I even had some help from stockings. She is quite the garden kitty

Finally I got the area I had decided to work on finished. Clover seeds snapdragon seeds Hyssop seeds and some calendula seeds. have all been scattered in the newly worked up ground

And now it is raining. Tomorrow I will work on more after the rain stops. For today I sat in my favorite chair window and admired the work I had gotten done. I will however need to order more seeds…. and I need to figure out a good drip system for this area which also means fixing the broken water faucet…..