It was another quick trip to Eugene. I was after Nuts !!! I wanted a big bag of walnuts and hazelnuts. I wanted some indian corn, gourds and pumpkins to photograph. I wanted more produce to put in the freezer for this winter. We got a late start and I wanted to get into town and then back over the mountains pass before dark. Except for the Walnuts I got everything I wanted. On the way home I decided we had time to go over the old McKenzie pass. My most favorite drive. I admit I really don’t mind driving it in the dark.. A quick rest stop at the Proxy Falls Trail head and we could continue on. I knew that the sun was down or nearly down but what I wasn’t expecting was the amount of light on the colorful vine maple leaves. Out came the camera and tripod, because even though the light was interesting I knew that I would be needing some long shutter speeds to accomplish what I was seeing. These photos were 2.5 seconds and 4 seconds long. I am so glad we stopped.    
This year mother nature has provided us with the best fall color I have seen in years.
Oh and we made it to the east side of the pass by dark.