This year seems to be a year of going out and photographing places I have always meant to go, and just never did. Cold Springs Camp Ground has an incredible display of Aspen trees. I usually drive by and say “Ohhh I should stop and take photos…..” Yesterday I decided I am going to go get the Golden Aspens. I have photographed in the campground a couple of times but in the winter and when it was covered in 3 ft of snow. This time was all Aspen. Beautiful Golden and shining in the sun.

The trail follows Cold Spring up to the Highway where it percolates from under ground.

It was a great mix of aspen leaves on the trees and floating in the stream.
at the head of this little stream the water flows over the rocks

Looking down stream the stream flows softly down to little pools

instead of going up to the road and finishing the loop I turned around, worked my way back to the campground and hiked through the campground to the trail on the other side of the stream.
The trail is a bit away from the stream which gives the views of the aspens a different look in the late afternoon sunlight.

and all the while I worked on closeups

It was a good afternoon. I need to go back again, Maybe explore the ridge on the other side of the creek more.