Today was the Harvest Faire and I went looking for some photography booths. I knew they were there and I wanted to get inspired. Boy did I get inspired.  I came home with an attitude. I Need to get out and take more photographs. We need to be wearing our poly pro under clothing for our future hikes, We need to get  better coats, I wanna get the Studio finished so we can take photos in there, I need to get the car oil changed and ready for winter driving. I wanna go out I wanna get the gardening done I Need…. I need to get up in the morning and go take photos of the Sisters from the canyon….
Aurora was using her selective hearing and she heard Let’s Go!!!!  She saw me messing with my coat that really is one size smaller than I like….So while I am trying to organize my thoughts and mentally whip my self into photographic shape. she was sticking to me like glue. But alas we only have time tonight to hike through my old photographs for this last summer and summer 2016 .  In the spirit of this challenge I put them into Black & White from their original color.

Bear grass Benson lake 2016

Benson lake Summer 2016

Clear lake summer 2016

Doug firs in the smoke 2017

McKenzie river in the smoke 2017

wychus creek 5-12-16

Ok I think my photographs are as good as some of the photographers, I just need to get out, get photos, and figure out how to market them. I Need a New Printer and a Craft Studio to do my work… Sigh I am so Needy