It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the winter morning was in the 40’s.  There were many choices on where to go. I finally decided to just drive up the Forest Service road 15.  taking a side road because I was concerned about getting into snow that I could not get out of. Just enjoying the drive I suddenly stopped, I noticed a filtered view of North Sister and a nice road that looked really good  for a stroll Hike.
We started out and did a bit cross country to get these shots on a small rock ridge, then continued on the road was nice and wide well used but not since the last snow. it was quiet and peaceful there were birds singing, little Chickadees and Nuthatches looking for food among the branches. Pretty soon we came to an area that looked like a prescribed burn. A bit of scorching on the trees and bushes nothing unusual. The wind was light the day was now in the 50’s.  After a while the scorching started to look worse Then I realized that we had entered the edge of this summers Millie Fire.
  The destruction of this fire was much more pronounced, many of the trees showed the signs of significant damage some may survive most did not.
But still there is beauty in the starkness. Lines that would have been hidden behind the beauty of green pine needles. If you look closely in some areas there are little mushrooms, strawberry leaves , yarrow leaves and those nuthatches running up and down the trees looking for their meals. none of which I photographed because I was enjoying the peace in this scared forest.
Much of this burn is being logged and I suspect this area will also be logged. It will be interesting to come back later in the new year and see what changes have been made. We turned around when we got to an area where a couple large trees were down across the road. no need to continue on. We enjoyed the walk back down the road and it wasn’t long before we were back in the green forest and the car.
It was a great hike.