Ollalie Campground has fascinated me for years and yet I have never stopped in to see what it is about. It is green and lush looking and usually full of campers. Figuring it is off season now would be a good time to try it. Well it had campers, I am not comfortable letting my Germies loose to run, when there are people around. I did notice that the parking area across the highway was not occupied and so I stopped in, I found that it is a storage area for the cinder rock used in sanding the winter roads. It was very well protected from the frost and early morning sun and there was an incredible red, green and gold Vine maple. I spent almost half an hour photographing just that tree.

I like going to different places to photograph, but I am most comfortable, going to a few safe (for me) places. So I go back and back. I drive past places that I have not stopped to explore, missing some incredible places.
In todays world everybody wants to experience the outdoors and nature. So they flock to the main trail heads of many popular hiking destinations. This has resulted in areas that are over used and filled with many hikers. That has resulted in more regulations and fees in an effort to curb the abuse and overuse. I have stopped going to some of these places, that I really would love to explore long before this point, I have not stopped into places that I think would be interesting because it is filled with campers. It is frustrating, but is it bad? Maybe not. I just need to be more willing to stop in the different but interesting places and check them out. I have to be willing to just hop in the car with the camera and the Germies and just go enjoy. Find a small forest road or spur and just pull in grab the camera and walk…
In other words finding Gold in the out of the way Places.