It was a beautiful day and I had decided that it was time to go get our yearly ration of fresh from the Farm strawberries. I have mentioned this before and will say it again ” I love Fresh Strawberries, Fresh From Thistledown Farms”. I really love them in January on my breakfast or on my Ice Cream. It is so worth the 6 hour round trip drive to get them. (Maybe there are a few stops along the way) Next month will be Blueberries and Raspberries and maybe Blackberries.
What really makes the trip enjoyable is that we drive along the beautiful McKenzie river. I like to stop at Sahalie falls and photograph the falls. It is an easy falls to get to and usually there are a lot of people there taking photos. This time there were also a lot of Forest service people doing much needed trail repairs and railing replacements. It was all good.
A couple of photographers I admire, and read their books, have suggested being open to trying different ideas, different settings use faster ISO ratings giving you a faster shutter speed. Digital can give me more options than my favorite film did and it works similar to the slide films. I have always photographed water falls with as slow a shutter speed that I can get, to give the impression of a lot of water or even power. But Why? This water fall flows thousands of gallons of water every minute. I need to show power. I need to catch the water drops in mid air. I need to be creative. I didn’t get a lot of time to work with this waterfall too many people around, but there are other days.

I did however catch that elusive bright blue that ripples through the water.
We went down the road to the second waterfall but the forest service vehicles had filled up the smaller parking lot. It is again all good. I can always come back. The waterfalls are not going anywhere and safer trails are a must.

And while I am writing this post I am filling my tummy with Vanilla Ice Cream topped with some of these fresh Strawberries.