On my last post I photographed the fog in the Aspens, and mentioned that I hoped to go up Sage Ranch Rd butte and photograph the fog in the junipers.  By mid afternoon the sun came out of the clouds and the junipers were indeed covered in Frost.  These Junipers are old friends and I have photographed them many times.
They have seen much and endured drought, snow, frost, fog, torrential rain, wind, lightning and fire. They have even listened to my trials and tribulations when I need to rant. Nobody carves their initials in their bark and nobody seems to respect them. But you know I have learned to appreciate them and respect their way of life. They don’t ask for much. Just a speck of dirt in a protected area ,a bit of rain or snow, and a blue sky to live under.
They are also pretty good at catching the sun in their branches when I want a creative shot. They don’t complain.
they are tall and skinny, short and squatty, and totally twisted
Some live to a ripe old age and others do not.
The closer to the top of the butte the smaller the trees and the more likely we will see the mountain views.

Though they were not expected on this trip, we did see the outlines of the Sisters mountains.  A bit late in the day , a layer of fog and haze, give us the soft pastel mountains and sky line to the south. And the sun setting in the clouds helped.
On the top is my most favorite of the old junipers I call it Lazy Tree. it has seen the brunt of much weather and leans back against the rocks seeming to be sleeping or resting. I wonder how old this tree is.
And the most cool thing was that I found my lost lens cap that I lost about 6 months before on that butte. I think the deer or the elk might have stepped on it but it works.