Freezing Fog!!! Grabbing the camera  and heading out to the garden. What is covered in frost what is not.
My photography partner was waiting for a phone call, so the decision to stay home instead of finding a hiking trail was made. Mother nature decided to oblige by sending in the freezing fog. There sits the garden, filled with frosty inspiration

My neighbor grows a fantastic garden that we enjoy all summer but then fall comes, we get busy and the garden rests . Old stems are left, Sunflowers are hanging for the birds to eat, Some things are not harvested but left for the deer to munch on. However when the fog rolls in everything is coated in frost, brown is art. and the unexpected color glows in the tans and browns
Come with me and see what I saw in the frosty garden.

However I think the next time I go out I should remember to wear a coat and gloves. 18 degrees is a bit chilly