I started quilting a few years before I moved to Sisters Oregon, one of the premier quilting areas of the world. Soon my mom followed in my quilting footsteps and became a leader in her genre. Then it was my stepdad. Both he and my mom started selling mom’s quilt patterns and fabric at the many shows in the Pacific Northwest. Between the 3 of us we amassed a huge supply of fabric. But as I am wont to do I got busy and the quilting went by the wayside. My stepdad passed away after a stroke, and my mom a few years later of cancer. My friend Sue moved in and my sewing room got packed up. I had big dreams of turning my garage into a big craft studio. My sewing and craft supplies all went in there, as well as Sue’s inventory from her online sales. Then we added everything that didn’t sell at mom’s estate sale. If I didn’t know what to do with something it went in there too. Then we got into selling patterns and they take up a large space. (I really appreciate that space and stock, though) Sue would say if we went through all that fabric and organized it there would be more room to make a craft area….
I can’t do it. Not Now. Lets go Hiking, I am busy….. NO.
Now I know I have to do this but it has been hard. Along comes this Covid-19 virus and many of the people and friends on one of the Facebook groups I sell on are making the masks. I have no desire to make them.
So what if I got a few pieces of fabric some fat quarters and listed them on the Facebook Group ? Hoping a few of my sewing friends bid on them and use the fabric for something maybe even masks… It was a great success and now I am enthused to go through the boxes and bins of fabric.

For 3 days now I have been photographing and measuring pieces of fabric.

I have tried everything I know about photography to get the exposures correct and the colors correct. I know my background fabric is 2 stops lighter than the median exposure of 18% gray. I even got out the 18% gray card to correct exposures, but this is a point and shoot camera. It is nice on the back deck, but the late afternoon shade has a reddish cast, reflecting from the house color. In the morning it was a really flat blue cast. So on some fabrics I had to go inside to the portable photo studio.

Even that was a bit tricky with the color corrected lights.
For 3 days I have killed the battery on the little point and shoot. I have photographed well over 250 pieces of fabric and I am no where near done. There are more boxes in the garage/studio. Though I believe I have unearthed the best for masks. With a point and shoot camera, however, there are limits to what you can do. The big camera is much to heavy and overkill for this type of project.
Oh And…
They were Right It is Freeing…. I have only kept a few pieces with the saying. Ohh I like that, I might need that… Hey that will work with a project I am working on…. Ohh I loved that piece….. Na Na this can’t go….
So maybe it was more than a few pieces.
And while I am taking the photos I am dreaming of scenic trips… maybe this summer, Maybe next Summer… NO worries