I admit I got knocked off kilter with a head cold or maybe a light case of the flu. I just didn’t have the energy to go out and take photos or even think about going out.  I know that is normal your body just says I am gonna shut you down for a while but what the heck???  I been thinking on what I want to do with my photography and my life and after reading several blogs of photographers decided what to do. I love my job and don’t want to leave it but I want to do more with my camera. I had sold some photos to magazines or had photos published in local magazines, before I moved to Central Oregon.  Then I quit photography. Who knew that was going to happen. With new camera equipment, that I understand much like the Kodachrome I so loved to use 25 years ago, I have wholeheartedly dived back into the photo pool. I think I will make another attempt at selling my photos in the photo stock market. But with no energy to go out and take photos I gotta do something  Anything. … get out there get that camera clicking.  I already have gone through 2 pair of hiking boots in the last two years and you know I think I need some really nice new hiking boots with nice tread and waterproof (yet still breath). A trip into the local Columbia outfitters and I came home with a really nice pair of boots. The sun was shining.  Aurora was ready to go. Broken top was the only mountain not covered with the clouds. Grabbing my camera gear we jumped in the car and away we went to Sage Ranch Road and the Butte at the end of the road. there was snow on the ground in patches but not so thick that you could not walk on it.

view looking west from Sage Ranch Rd Butte
and the view??

close up view west of Broken top

The temp was in the 30s and there was a light breeze blowing but with the gloves and wool hat and my layers of coats, What a day.

Black Butte was playing in the clouds and just the top was covered with snow

I found a place on the butte I had not been to but and noticed from the road. This view was looking over the ranch at the bottom of the butte. The clouds were building up in the east.
working my way around to the west side of the butte I noticed that North Sister decided to peek out of the clouds.

view looking west from Sage Ranch Rd Butte

I was so enthused ready to go out again but darn it the weather is not cooperating and the mountains have all been hiding in those clouds for the last several days. Well I have another couple of days off and I have another place to go.  Gotta get out gotta kick some photography with those new boots. Metolius River here I come, rain or shine