I have mentioned before that this had been a weird year. Mother nature has done her best to make things difficult. More wind than I ever remember a virus that shuts everything down, dry weather, cold weather, hot weather, tornado force winds, pulverizing hail, and that was just for Spring. Now we are officially into Summer and I don’t see much of a change in her attitude. I have replanted seeds and the temps are in the 90’s. Way to early for this…
However some things don’t change like the blooming of the wildflowers. The times may vary, or they may not bloom as much as they have in the past but they will bloom, it is a matter of survival.
Last year I had traveled down a forest service road that I had always wanted to explore. I found a nice patch of wild Rhododendrons not to far up the road so today’s goal was to go back up that road and see if they were blooming. Didn’t find them but I did spot some cream colored wild Iris. I had never seen the cream colored, so we stopped turned the dogs loose and grabbed the camera.

Iris Chrysophylla, or yellow leaf Iris. Not a great shot but maybe I can go back and find it again.

And there was the Bear grass, Xerophyllum Tenax.

The Wild Rose, Rosa Woodsii, was just starting to bloom.

Across the road from those flowers were the usual dwarf Dogwoods. Cornus Unalaschkensis, or Bunch Berries.
I spent quite a bit of time in just a few feet photographing the flowers, however, I was a little disappointed, I hadn’t seen any blooming rhododendrons. We got back into the car and drove up the road to a place I could turnaround and there in front of me were the blooming rhododendrons. You never know what is just ahead of you.

Rhododendron Macrophyllum, Pacific Rhododendron.
I Scored

Happy Camper here.
I got one of my two goals accomplished for the day.
We got back into the car, headed back to the highway and my next goal.
Tomorrows post will be that stop.