I remember as a kid mom or dad would say “Why don’t you go outside and play” It was never a question.  The day outside was not great for scenic photos, and we had waited a bit late in the day to try and go anywhere. So I grabbed my scrabble tiles, my camera, my imagination, and went out to the backyard to play.                                                 
Yep there are some tiny little shoots from the fall bulbs I planted last fall.
So when I got done playing with the different scrabble tiles it looked like this in this pile of rocks.
Then the marbles wanted to play
     and  my coffee got into the act. Just don’t breath or the marbles will fall off the rock into my coffee. Soon though the marbles got tired of rock climbing and the coffee and I settled into a nice crevice in the rocks.
It was a nice day after all. I might have split this fun into two days only my coffee cups will know for sure.