Good bye 2020 you have not been a year to fondly remember.
You started off alright and it looked promising with a visit from my family and a really cute yard art that we named Farmer Fred.
Then you got down right Mean and inflicted a pandemic on the world like none other that we have seen in 100 Years.
You send gusty winds that blew my green house cover off on almost a daily basis.

But I persevered and was able to get some plants started and even planted in the greenhouse.

Then in June you sent Green Skies and Straight-line Winds the like I have never seen. But my housemate Susan has.

you sent rain and hail that pulverized everything after the cover blew off again because of those winds. I am grateful because my damage was small compared to others further north of us in Culver and Madras.
I started over again and some of my plants recovered.

I went hiking and was able to get one trip in on the west side of the cascades though much of the forest land was closed due to the pandemic.
Then you sent us a bonus a positive thing in the form of an offer from a friend of mine and Susan’s, her entire online stock. We took the offer and made the drive down south to pick it up. 3 separate trips 160+ miles one way, over the summer months. A nice trip with easy highway driving, But..

You didn’t make it easy though Two of the trips were on some of the hottest days of the year. A year with more days over 100 than usual. The third trip was after several devastating fires ripped through many areas on the west side of the cascades blocking off our routes west from the east side. That trip had me nearly in tears, So much destruction to things that were familiar to me.
You again sent the unusual winds from a direction that they do not normally happen, and on labor day 2020 you started a series of fires that destroyed many homes and much forest land. You even threatened members of my own families home. Something we never thought we would see happen.
And then you blanketed the west with smoke from those fires

Smoke so thick that you couldn’t breath and couldn’t go outside for a month. It did make a great sunflower photo

If that wasn’t bad enough you sent us the most contentious election year we have ever had. A constant barrage of false news and people willing to pass on that false news. Finally there was a winner but still we are barraged by false news, the loser doesn’t believe he lost, and is throwing temper tantrums on social media.
Social issues that have been around since before the beginning or our country have again risen it’s ugly head and many people have chosen to make a stand. Usually it has turned violent and destructive. Much of it egged on by our political leader. There is no simple fix but maybe some common sense and less hate rhetoric would go a long way in finding solutions. Stop making up groups that don’t exist to further the hate.
And that pandemic. It is worse now than ever. Many people are hurting, many have permanently lost their jobs. We have a senate that is so out of touch that they think helping people through this tuff time is Communism, and can’t figure out why our economy is tanking. Millions of people are sick and have died. Many have no jobs to return to. Some have no homes. Children and adults have no food. Really Get a Clue…..
I am thankful I still have my home and that my friend and housemate and I have been able to survive. Through the grace of online sales we have been able to pay our bills. The stock we bought from our other friend allowed us to dabble in other things to sell, with little risk, making it easier for us to buy new stock confident that it will sell. But it hasn’t been easy, and we have both lain awake worrying how we are gonna pay those bills.
I have spent time hiking the BLM getting the germies a chance to burn off a lot of excess energy.

I have found a spot that I can just stop turn my face to the sun and simply think or meditate.

I have explored an area that I have wanted to explore and found that I should check it out more.

So I think we have survived your reign 2020 BUT…
Damn it did you have to kill the fan on my laptop? I know I need a new one but Not Yet….
Good Bye Good Riddance. Don’t Come Back.
I realize that 2021 will not start any better than you left off But I have hope that it will end better than you have.