The year 2019 was an interesting year. Life took an unexpected turn for me, and I am working on making it be a successful adventure. I had the chance to explore more. To go up roads I had never gone on before, and roads I had not been on in many years. I explored rivers I had not paid attention to and water falls I had seen many times.

I have gotten more work done on my home than ever before and am enjoying the benefits of a nice fire in a safe woodstove, new windows that I can see through because they are not drafty and covered with heavy curtains and a good solid roof over my head.
I have a new Beautiful Website and have spent many an hour trying to sell my notecards. Not with the success I would like but I still have hope.

I have joined my friend in selling patterns online, and have hope that this also will take off providing me with a living

So what will 2020 bring me? Good Health, More friendships, More roads to explore, more subjects to photograph?
I guess the only way to answer that is to Go Outside and Play