Catching the moon with a juniper snag

I don’t know what happened this summer. I had such high hopes for a great hiking summer. But stuff got in the way. Stuff that had to be taken care of not stuff that you could put aside and say I will do later. Then the smoke from all the fires in our area socked us in for nearly 2 months.

Air tanker fighting Millie Fire 8-19-17

view of the missing mountains 8-19-17

The smoke was so bad even if you could get to the trailheads you couldn’t see anything. Or breath.  I did however get some cool shots of the 3 Sisters during the Eclipse a couple days later.


3 sisters during the eclipse 8-21-17

But now some of my gonna do projects are done and others are coming to a close. The weather changed and an early fresh snow cooled off some of those fires clearing our air.  After several trips to my two favorite farms, the freezers are filling up with fruit and veggies for the winter.

sunflowers bouquet Rainshadow farm 9-26-17

It is now Fall and time to get out reach for the moon and kick some photography patootie