When I go to Eugene from Central Oregon, I usually try to stop off at the Down to Earth Store In the Historic Farmers Union Market place, on 5th and Olive streets. Across from this building is the old Pacific Co-Operative Building built in 1923. The building now houses several shops, but what I like are the grapes and other plants growing on the railing. Several times when I have finished my shopping in Down to Earth, I grab my camera and try to get some good shots of the greenery on the railings.

Living in Central Oregon I have some of the best scenery but this years drought has make growing things tougher, a lot of my yard and surrounding area is kinda brown. It is so nice to see bright healthy green.

And grapes. I love to photograph growing things like grapes but don’t get the chance here. Though I confess I am working on it. I can’t eat the grapes so I haven’t tried to grow them. But there are so many other things I can try.

In the mean time let the grapes grow in Eugene and I will try to photograph them.

Or maybe the colorful chairs and tables on the patio entrance way to the Pacific Co-Operative Building.

The perfect spot for a cup of coffee and a bit of lunch