3 days off and the weather forecast doesn’t exactly match the weather. Although today is pretty close.
Thursday it was supposed to be snowy and cold. My plans were to do some reading. Yeah Right!!!. An impromptu shopping expedition to the Redmond Goodwill happened instead. I came home with 2 photo books on the Pacific Northwest, and a hiking book about 50 hiking trails in the Tillamook State Forest.
Friday it started gray and looked like we were gonna get that weather forecast. I have a hiking book to read. I got the first part of it read then I kept trying to check the computer on the hikes, since the book was from 2001. The sun came out , I kept thinking I need to start a hiking list for 2019. I got out my William Sullivan hiking books,

and my hiking boots Both pair. One pair I love They are two years old and were comfortable from day one but the seams ripped out of both boots last month. The other I got because I didn’t want to be snowshoeing in boots with the seams ripped letting in the cold snow.
If you are thinking about making a list you need to put it in a place or two that you will see it and remind you of your plans. So put the list on my web page seems like a good place as well as my journal. (you know the one I don’t remember to write in.) and I need a photo for the header of that list.

The dogs saw the boots and the camera ,and said We are going for a HIKE!!! Let’s Go, Let’s Go. I can work on the list later besides I need some new photos of Nova.

So on with my favorite boots. The ones with the ripped seams and away we go

and my feet didn’t get wet or maybe they didn’t get cold. Because the weather was still nice, we decided to go get some needed groceries, cause they are still forecasting the big blizzard.
Wake up to today and that storm is finally here.

I can read those hiking books and get that list started. But first, I have some things that need to be done. A little work on my note card listings for this site and get some of the food we bought portioned out for the freezer and… what have you…. What Ever.
I am getting a bit grumpy here, we are at just above 2 inches of snow and it has been snowing all day. I need to get out!!!!
Uh you know… there is that old tractor … I wanted to photograph in the snow… just across the street. Instead of grabbing my good boots I grabbed an older sloppier pair and strapped on my snowshoes. Not a good choice, or maybe I should have taken the time to remove the little rocks in them. But then again this tractor is so cool who minds a couple little rocks.

Also this small bike I noticed, made a good close up shot.

As for that 2019 hiking list? Uhh I am Workin on it. Maybe Tonight.