Hello 2022 How are Ya?
I just wanted to let you know I will be attempting to grow a garden again this year, and I am getting serious this time.

I bought garden books at the thrift stores, and I borrowed more garden books from the Library. I signed up for some seed catalogs and they came in the mail this week.

I gathered up all the seeds I bought last year and last fall, then laid them out so I would not order more.
I sat in the sun in my favorite chair, looked over the snowy ground, and imagined the yard filled with flowers and vegetables. Then I started writing out my list of seeds to order.

I then revised and crossed off seeds because …Maybe I got a little over my budget. Besides most of the ones I crossed off I could get at the local Wilco.
Planting season starts in April or May, are you gonna send Mother Nature around to foil my plans??? Good Luck with that 2022!!!