Tamolitch Pool has been on my “want to hike” list for more than 20 years. Finally I decided to take the plunge… Armed with my trusty hiking book, good directions, my camera, my friend and an excited German Shepherd we headed across the pass to the McKenzie River
. Kind of a boring photo but I have found that a good sign is filled with lots of information that I don’t have to remember later. (Oh and I did park legally. Figured since the sign made a point, it was a good idea.)
When we started out I knew that it was just us and maybe one other couple way ahead of us. I was able to let Aurora run while Susan and I took photos. it was quite enjoyable for all of us.
The river was beautiful with lots of rapids to try and photograph. It was a chilly early morning but eventually the sun started to break through
    there were cute bridges to cross

    after this last bridge the trail started getting steeper and much more challenging. More people were accessing the trail and it was time to pay attention to Aurora rather than the scenery. because half way up the trail that we ran into other hikers and their dogs. They were moving faster than we were, and we met them twice. There were bicyclists coming from the other direction and a  group with a lot of little kids. I hope them made it  because it was getting late.The most interesting hiker was carrying her cat in a carrier like a baby.  Eventually we did get there and the view did not disappoint.
A great place to use the ultra wide angle lens.
Now it is time to head back, we are tired and a bit hungry but the overall impression was it was a really nice good fall day. The lower part of the trail is easy the upper is much more difficult, the pool fantastic.  I think we will do this hike again and I will probably spend more time on the lower part of the trail. The pool itself seems to attract a lot of people. maybe the challenge is to capture it between the visitors.  I do know I would love to hike other parts of the McKenzie River trail, and re hike those parts I have already hiked
. Aurora is ready to go again. Sorry girl it will probably be next spring or summer.
Oh and Sue?  Next time we carry the candy with us instead of leaving it in the car.