I have  been to Tumalo falls twice before and today seemed like a good day to go again. It was partially sunny, a bit windy, and in the 40’s.  Since we have not had a lot of snow I figured there might not be any snow on the road but just in case I did have the snowshoes in the back of the car.

The road starts out nice with the Tumalo canyon walls on the north side and the Tumalo river on the south side.  it is a pretty gentle incline nice for different levels of hiking.  Because it is winter and usually under quite a bit of snow the gate to this road is closed. This made for an enjoyable and not to muddy walk.  Aurora didn’t get to run like she is used to because there were a lot of other people taking advantage of a nice day and nice hike to a very scenic waterfall.
In 1979 the Bridge Creek fire raged across this landscape. Changing forever the landscape. opening up views of the canyon that might not be visible behind the old growth forest. A lot of lessons have been learned as a result of this fire.  This forest is the new replanted forest after the fire.
I really liked the visual of this deciduous forest coming down the canyon walls. I hope to see it with fresh new green leaves in the spring and later with colored leaves in the fall.
Finally after two miles we came to our goal and it is fantastic. Though the view point was quite icy. If you are going to hike this remember to bring your ice grips for the last bit.. I chose not go up to the upper viewpoint because of the ice.
This waterfall is worth the walk or ski in the winter and worth it to drive up in the summer. There are more trails and another view point to explore. Defiantly on my to do again list.