With the Covid -19 Corona virus running ramped through our country and the world. We are on a stay at home order. I have 2 acres and a greenhouse. Before the stay at home order I decided that it might be a good idea to stock up on seeds, garden soil and some steer manure for my boxes. We had a power outage a few days ago and so going outside and putting up the greenhouse cover was a great idea. The next day I built 5 more boxes to go with the 3 I built last fall.

This is what the inside of my greenhouse looked like 2 days ago. The top photo is what it looked like this morning. All of my planting boxes have some dirt in them or have been turned and the steer manure blend added. The boxes that are not filled completely I am putting down in layers to that the lowest layers can get warmed up before adding more. I worked on this all the while mother nature was throwing wind and snow everywhere. It was a nice toasty 68 inside and a chilly 35-45 outside.

These are 3 of the 5 boxes I built for the outside of the greenhouse. Will fill these with dirt late when it warms up and I can cover them with some protective chicken wire.
With the night still dropping to the 20’s or teens at night it is too early to put any seedlings out. I do have some started and hoping to get more started soon. In another week the soil in the greenhouse should be warming up enough to plant lettuce spinach carrots and peas.

Right now it is Sweet Peas, Daliahs, Rudibeckia Pansies Tomatoes and Basil.
I am hoping this summer to have a crop of veggies for the freezer and a crop of flowers for the camera.
Stay Safe Everybody…. and if you have time check out my notecards. Right now is the perfect time to send a friend a note.