Well not totally unexpected but certainly longer than expected. I took my laptop into the repair shop for a quick tune up. I knew it had some issues and probably a virus. But I was not expecting nearly week without the laptop. The poor thing was seriously infected and in the end gave up the ghost in the shop. As the repair guy said ” A lot of Pain and Suffering went into this tune up” I think he was referring to the repair tech. I did get my laptop back but it has a newer hard drive now.
While my laptop was in the repair shop Susan and I made a quick trip up to Tumalo Falls. A local falls that I have not done justice to… Those photos I will share later. I wasn’t able to look at them till last night, and I got sidetracked.
We have had some rain and I grabbed my camera and took photos of my Bearded Iris’s in the rain. I have white and light purple over dark purple bearded Irises. These photos were over a couple different days, while the laptop was in the shop.

Last night I brought the laptop home, got it set up, down loaded all the photos I had taken, then noticed that there was a fantastic sunset. I was not where I could photograph the actual sunset but I noticed the Irises were getting some color reflection. So out I went for these shots.

I am hoping I can use some of these photos of my Bearded Irises on notecards and 5×7 prints.
Right now I am concentrating on getting some of my sets of notecards listed in my shop. Last night I posted this group of 8 different roses from the Owen Memorial Rose Garden in Eugene Oregon.

The set is $22.50 for the 8 cards Shipping will be extra. Or you can set up a set of 8 photographs of the roses from the cards I have listed in my Webstore.