I got my first sale for my notecards on this website. I am SO EXCITED!!!!!.
I learned a lot about my site because of this sale.
1. It works…
2. I need to be much more diligent on checking my site everyday and the E-mail address that goes with it.
3. The cards that sold had been revised and given inventory product numbers, or SKU numbers. So they had to have hit google or Bing.
4. The shipping for Woo Commerce is quite clunky compared to Pay Pal, But I think I may have figured it out. (Used PP anyway)
5. I learned how Stripe payment works
6. I am not charging enough for shipping. It breaks my heart that I have to charge so much for shipping a small item that weighs less than 2 ounces. I did figure out how to find the shipping settings and bump them a little and I will have to raise the price of the cards a bit to cover the shipping (but it will still be less than what I am charging on the online sites)

I am so excited I was ready to make an order for new cards from last summers photography…… Whoa Nellie… Slow down here a bit. Maybe we need to sell a few more notecard before we go out and order a thousand more.

Thank you Aurora Your cute face made my day