I have been thinking about how to make my photography into a unique business. Something I can use for retirement. I am thinking I can reactivate my Etsy store. Make some of my photographs into note cards put them up for sale.  Maybe make some enlargements with my new printer, and put them up as well.
This spring the weather has warmed up and I have been out in the back yard working on my gardening, drinking my coffee and thinking.
What would make a good subject?
Need more coffee. This weeding and thinking is tiring
But you know  somewhere I should come up with a good Idea
Like maybe….. Whoa Does that coffee cup color match the Daffodil colors?
How bout some note cards with a gardening theme? I got all summer to work on it . 13 different colors of coffee mugs, maybe pick up some colorful gardening gloves…… a few pretty flowers…..