So I have 2 big projects in the works, and I had a graduation party to go to in Eugene. I have had more time since I left my job but things needed to be done. Cheat grass needed to be removed from in front of my windows, furniture needed to be moved from in front of my windows. I have new windows being installed Wednesday and Thursday. So much needed to be accomplished. What I really wanted to be doing was going out and taking photos. My other project is a bit more nebulas, but I am having my website worked on and had to do some prep work. ( wished I had known about the file scrunching earlier.) I have been feeling guilty that I haven’t posted but I did get the last of my sets of cards ready to list, and have been listing them. I am so looking forward to Friday, I will have time to do…. Whatever… I won’t feel like I have to get cracking on the yard work or clean the corner behind the desk that hasn’t seen daylight since I had the new carpet put in. I Will…. Probably… Sleep, or take a trip to my favorite farm

or go for a hike along one of my many favorite trails….

Well What ever I do It is gonna be great… and I should have photos to share. If you like these cards they are all available in my shop Singles are $3.50 each A set of 3 for $ 9.00 A set of 8 for $ 22.50 Shipping will be extra dependent on the weight.