Like these balancing Hoodoos close to Lake Billy Chinook, I have to figure out how to survive the realities of life. These balancing rocks have survived everything mother nature has thrown at them, some have fallen many are still standing.
My balancing act involves trying to get out and take photographs,deciding what would make a nice notecard and getting it printed, with the realities of bills need to be paid and the cards can’t be printed if you don’t have the funds.
Reality is I haven’t found the market for the notecards. The most famous handmade marketplace started out as a great way to sell my cards. But the company changed the way they do business and sales plummeted to zero for many of their vendors. My store included. I decided that I needed to upgrade my website and I found a great web designer. However a great site does nothing if I don’t promote it. I am not doing enough posts to really keep this website active in Google. I recognize that.
Susan had the same issues with the other site except she was able to move her products to eBay and has slowly built her store back up. What she didn’t have was enough time to be able to check, photograph, and list the clothes patterns she is selling. So they remained unprocessed. You can’t sell what people can’t see….. After one of many heartfelt talks on our long drives to where ever, we decided to combine forces and see what we could accomplish.

So now I check, photograph, and even list (on Facebook) the patterns. We have enough to work with that we do not need to get out and buy anymore this year. Come winter when the snow blows this stash will be much appreciated.

What is suffering is, now I am not getting out and hiking or picking out new photos for possible new notecards.

I haven’t found that perfect balance of time to accomplish what must be done with what I want to do. Sometimes I am not even sure which is which.