It is March and I woke up to an inch of new snow on the ground this morning, but I know the days are lighter longer and the temps are coming up. A walk around my yard shows little tulip leaves and daffodil leaves popping up

But I know they are about a month away from blooming.

I start thinking about what I want to do and where I want to go this next year. I hope to make a few trips to the Oregon Coast. I would like to explore east to the Oregon Idaho border. Explore the Oregon portion of Highway 20.
Highway 20 is one of the longest highways in the United states going from Boston Massachusetts To Newport Oregon. I would like to make this trip someday but for now I have to concentrate on what is home, and that is part of my problem because I drive a section of it almost every day. So much that I don’t really see it anymore.

So for now winter is not ready to leave and I have much to study, maps to check out, Itineraries to plan… This year we get Oregon, maybe Idaho. Next year????