It seems to me that I have not been getting out and taking photos like I had planned. I had such hopes that my website would be a hit. When I retired from my last job I wanted to travel and I had the time to do so… I could document my trips and adventures. But the reality is this, My plans were nothing more than dreams, hopes, wishes’ and unfulfilled plans. I retired a year too soon, though in retrospect, it probably was the best time. Financially it was not.
The Forest Service was about to put restrictions on the trails that I wanted and liked to hike. At first this was a bit upsetting, but after some thought I realized that I was not enjoying the few trips out because there were so many people on the trails, that I could not take my dogs nor could I let them run. It is very hard to take successful photographs when someone is standing where you want to photograph, or you are holding on to the leash of your dog because she feels threatened by a hiker carrying a golf club up to the top of Tam McArthur rim. I admit some of that is on me I really do need to get my dogs socialized better. Later I realized that the restrictions would allow me to go hiking and not worry about people coming up behind me and saying, Ohh what are you photographing, or Ohhh what a pretty puppy can I pet her….. only to have her scare the living daylights out of the person because she though they were threatening me. Now I want to wait till they get the program up and running a while and then I will apply for the permits. But not this year. I also did not buy my usual trail head parking permits this year. So a couple places I like to go that are not requiring the other permit, I can’t park there, unless I have the money to buy a one time permit. Not happening. Not cost efficient either.
May 2018 photo.

Second I spent my money on things that needed repair on my home. A good decision but expensive and not finished.

I love the new roof and windows but struggle with the plumbing that was not replaced and needed to be. The floor needs to be insulated. One needs to be done before the other, neither are in my budget to have a professional do the job right. I am getting pretty good at the plumbing but it takes me a few days and several trips to home depot, to do what the professional did in 20 minutes. I just spent 390.00 less dollars on this latest repair. Though I suspect there is another leak since I fixed the latest.

Third, there was the Covid -19 virus. The lockdown was not near as tough as the fear that I could catch Covid -19, or share the virus with someone I loved in my family.
I did go out and hike in the Sage Ranch canyon/butte area nearly everyday but after a while it was boring. the national forest was closed down and it was winter. I could not come up with anything new to photograph, the scenery looked the same day after day.

The germies loved it but I was not getting inspired, it was getting dry, there were no wild flowers or anything green and the final straw was a couple run ins with a coyote that was a bit more aggressive than I liked. I have seen this coyote in my neighborhood so I was familiar with it, It did not attack so much as it followed us. Time to leave that area alone for a while. So gardening seemed to be the answer.

At first I was not enthused enough to plant the seeds, then I decided to go get some plants and get a head start. They have not preformed well at all. I would have done better to have started my own seeds. My carrots and lettuce are going great. 110 degree days in June did not help anything. Nor has the fact that we have not had rain in months.

I figured I needed to do something better. I have worked on building a new drip watering system. I have rebuilt or revised some of my Flowerbeds

I built some more boxes to transplant the strawberries out of the greenhouse. Leaving room for lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and other sensitives.
I think I have figured out how to keep mother nature from blowing my green house cover off or the whole thing away, in the spring when I want to be planting lettuce carrots peas and get a head start on the tomatoes. I also covered the greenhouse frame with chicken wire leaving two doorways, I can put something on the endcaps so that the wind will have a harder time blowing in, lifting the cover.
My thinking is that if I can’t travel I can garden. While trying to put this post together I also realized that nearly everyday I pick up one or more of those 3 cameras and took photos, of my life, my flowers, wild critters, my germies and just stuff. So In reality I am photographing, I just didn’t think I was. My thought now is to shift this site to a more gardening journal. I recently ordered some seeds from a couple of seed companies and received them in the mail this week.

And Yes I do have a handwritten journal but … I haven’t been good at writing in it. At one time I had a garden /house journal going pm the computer, but that was 3 or 4 computers back, I didn’t purchase the latest word program with this new computer so I will need to figure out how to print out what I want if I choose to go that way. A learning process.
I think this little note put in my seed order is quite fitting, because I have quite a bit of growing to do to achieve my dreams, and get a great garden too.