I love hiking and even better in a scenic area like the McKenzie. We took about 6 hours hiking the trail to Tamolitch pool and back to our car. But if I had spent the whole 6 hours in just this area I would not have been disappointed.  I love close ups and details, moss and leaves. ferns and bark. old and new.
The smell of a morning hike in the leaves. The sound of the birds singing and the music of the water tumbling over the rocks in the river.
  The hike from the first bridge to the second is filled with lots of new growth and old growth. The trail is still flat and easy to navigate. You just slow down and enjoy.
     Sunlight is filtering through the yellow leaves making them brighter than the dark green evergreen forest. Fall is a magical and a colorful time.
Little green ferns growing in the moss covering rocks.  Moss growing on the trees over hanging the river.
The river rushes over the rocks cold and clear
Time in the forest is endless
I think that my enjoyment of the McKenzie River is because I now live on the east side of the mountains, the dryer side, but that is not true. I just like to get out  with my camera and friends, and enjoy the day.
We have reached the second bridge and the last one before blue pool.  After this bridge the trail becomes a bit rougher but still  beautiful. I will leave that part for the next post.