Starting with the second bridge the trail begins to climb in elevation. If you are like me you don’t really notice it because you are looking up and down and everywhere but not at the trail itself.      
The forest floor is littered with big leaf maple leaves and I could have spent hours just photographing the different combinations, however the sound of the river beckoned too.

     Soon the other hikers that started after we did, have started to catch up and Aurora hears them. This means I have to put away the camera equipment and concentrate on her for a while.  When they have passed by us we can head on up the trail.
Which has started to get rougher and gain in elevation. We are encountering more hikers going up and bicyclists coming down. The layers of clothing that kept us warm at the beginning  are now too hot. Soon though we have reached our goal of Tamolitch Pool and it was all worth it.
Some of my thoughts: Wow, Fantastic, How the heck do we get to the other side? Why didn’t we bring the candy that was stashed in the car? How much longer before the sun goes down behind the ridge? are we gonna end up hiking out in the dark?
Answers to that in the next post.