Ahh the last leg of this trip. I totally enjoyed the Tamolitch pool and would have liked more time to explore it but I was a lot nervous about the return trip timeline. I knew that it had taken us quite a bit of time to get there and that most of that time was stopping and taking photo’s. I could see the light changing and smell the smoke from the prescribed burn to the west of us. that was telling me that the weather was changing as well so instead of going down to the water we hit the trail back.
because the light and view was different I concentrated on the little things I didn’t see on the way up. Fallen leaves, ferns and lichens on decaying trees
     the light just fired up the  last of the red leaves on this vine maple. but I couldn’t get a good shot when the light hit it then the light was gone.
Soon we were back along the river and the light was a beautiful golden color highlighting one area and leaving others cooler
  Finally we got down to the first of the two bridges. There were a lot of things that looked different coming back down the trail and I have to admit more than I couple of times I questioned if we were on the same trail. I didn’t see the burn on the south side of the river. I knew it was there from the summer before but I totally missed the scar while we were going up. the light change made it very visible. the only thing that kept me from getting to worried was I knew we were beside the river and where it was going to come out.  then I would see hikers going towards the pool or I would see something I had photographed on the way up to the pool and I knew I was on the right trail.
I saw these leaves floating on the pool created at the second bridge. love those .
And we moved on the forest was getting a bit darker and you could see the smoke through the trees. I knew the burn was miles away so not worried. it is late in the afternoon and I am not sure when the sun drops behind the ridge north of us.

  but then the sun shifted and the forest lit up with golden light

       then it was gone again

  I photographed this stump on the way up to the pool and was looking for it on the way back. The light was so much different. it was coming and going one last hurrah over the river and it was gone.
which was ok because we were back at the trail head and it was 4:00 in the afternoon.