If you know me you know I love to photograph old rusty broken down cars and trucks. I have found that those are hard to find anymore. So I decided that I am going to have to go to a classic car show and photograph the shiny perfect condition classic cars instead. In my usual fashion I don’t photograph the whole car but close up’s of parts of the cars. I knew that Sisters has had a classic show for several years and decided to go to it this afternoon. Here is my impression of the Glory Daze car show.

Loved this dark green Chevy Pickup

and this 1932 Yellow roadster

These Fords were Side by side at the show.

Loved this blue color.

It was commented on that the color of my shirt matched the Chevy Impala color. But they would not let me take home the car….

Ending with this VW Beetle.
The cars that were still there when I got there were fine. It was a bit disappointing that the show was supposed to run till 3 in the afternoon, but most of the cars had left before 2. Ah well I will just have to check out one of the shows in Bend next month.