candle creek campground sign Metolious river

It was our day off , we had worked hard to finish a couple projects so that we could enjoy this day. I had high hopes of Mt Jefferson at the headwaters of the Metolius. Mother nature had other ideas, the day dawned gray and cloudy. well no matter this kind of day is perfect for foliage. Earlier in the spring I had been to Candle Ck. Campground and noticed a lot of vine maple. So we headed up there and sure enough there was color galore.

changing color against the river

red vine maple leaves on the forest floor

shades of green yellow and red . the changing of the season

red vine maple leaves against the dark green firs

Metolius runs through the red maple leaves

red and gold

changing of the colors

brilliant red maple leaves against the metolius river

rushing water colorful leaves

the river runs through the forest

metolius river running through candle ck Campground

metolius river at candle creek campground