last Thursday was forecast to be a nice day and My photography partners were as eager as I to get out. I heard there was quite a but of snow along the Metolius River. Great because we have two pairs of snowshoes to try out.
We didn’t head out too early,  the temp was in the lower 20’s. and the sun was shining. The highway wasn’t too bad but the road to Camp Sherman and the Metolius was really icy and snowy.  Haa  I think we maybe able to try those snowshoes today.  At the Y the road to the head of the Metolius and the fish hatchery looked a bit rough so we decided to take the long way  through Camp Sherman. Things are looking good lots of snow in Camp Sherman.  Let’s keep going. As we head north along the river on the main road the snow starts thinning out. finally we get to the Wizard Falls fish Hatchery and I notice the road is not to bad. So we decide to keep going north and see if we can get to Bridge 99 and the Lower Bridge campground.. What the heck we have all day, and the sun is shining. I am a bit worried about getting stuck but at this point the snow isn’t deep.
Well this is surprising hardly any snow here. Where the sun has been shining no snow, in the shade there was snow. Sigh no snowshoes here. That didn’t stop us from taking photos though. we pretty much had the area to ourselves.
We spent a little bit of time here. When a group of hikers stopped and headed down the river trail we decided to try another area.
I think this area has a lot to explore and I hope to be able to go back and just devote a day here. If not later this winter then defiantly in the spring. Maybe several trips this next year as it is only a half hour from home.
As for those snow shoes well I think we will head down to the Wizard Falls Fish hatchery and see if we come up with more snow.