With the restrictions put in place by the Covid-19 Virus, I have been able to get quite a bit of gardening done. Or at least a lot of seeds planted and seedlings coming up. Today I walked past 2 new flats just planted with seeds and wondered if there was any new shoots. Uhh it has only been 12 hours I don’t think so..
Dreaming of lots of flowers and colors to photograph later this summer I plant on, transplanting Daliahs, Pansies,Basil and Tomatoes. Right now though I miss the color. I walked past my big jar filled with bright colored Pinwheels and an idea was hatched. Instant Flowers…

That is much better. It even got approval from the rototiller

Though she is not allowed in the greenhouse.
Eventually though I decided to pick those brightly colored flowers and put them back in their big jar.

Keep busy everybody and this will soon go away. I am hoping to have a garden full of flowers and veggies this year because of all my free time. What about you?