I have been working on my yard quite a bit this year. Mother Nature has thrown everything she can at me (except for a tornado.) It is not pretty and I have some nice plants that many would consider weeds. But last year the amaranth looked pretty and it was fire resistive. So I threw out some clover seed and watered. I moved dirt and large rocks. I dug dirt away from the foundation of my house and replaced it with gravel. I set up the sprinkler in the front yard and watered. I set up soaker hoses in the back yard and also watered. The clover and amaranth is growing like crazy. The oriental poppy is blooming, the flax is blooming, there are lady bugs, and other bugs, and my strawberries are almost ready for picking.
This morning I was going out to feed my wild kittens and was sidetracked by the glowing Oriental poppy. I grabbed my camera changed the lens to my favorite macro lens and started taking photos. Came in and downloaded them. Sigh there was a bit of a problem. Last week I made my first trip over the mountains to the Willamette Valley, of course I took the camera, in between photo shoots the camera settings had gotten changed from saturated or landscape to muted. I thought I had fixed that but my first poppy shots told me otherwise.

I didn’t mind the shots as a matter of fact I liked them, but it wasn’t what I was after

I wanted the glowing bright red I was seeing, So I went out and photographed them again.

Yep this is what I was after.
And then I looked around the rest of the flowerbeds. It is still before 8 am and there is a lot to see.

This is a decorative finial on a screen I bought many years ago and have photographed it many times. I loved the harsh morning light creating dark shadows and light. Later in the afternoon the light will be different. I should remember to go out and photograph it again. Later.

Next I noticed the goats beard sporting a ladybug. Or two

and a ladybug Larva

My German Shepard’s like to eat these plants, and I have noticed that the ants will load them up with the aphids, bringing in the lady bugs and their larva. So I always have them growing in my yard.

I love garden art and frogs are one of my favorite subjects. tucked in between the mint and chamomile that both came up voluntarily.

I also had a photo assistant. She doesn’t do much but keeps me company.

The clover loves the morning sun.
Moving around to the back yard there were more subjects to photograph

I have a lilac that blooms late which is fine, avoiding the late season frost.

The flax loves the area where the water faucet is. it has been growing there for years.

The Yarrow likes the dryer gravel area.

The snapdragon is well established under the juniper tree. I think they have been there for a few years.

I captured this dandelion seed head just before one of the germies stepped on it.
Next I photographed the strawberries that are just getting ripe

and finally I end this photo session with a final shot of my assistant.

As for the Poppies that started todays photo session. Well they took on a life of their own and I will be posting on them tomorrow.