I have been so Frustrated this Year 2020, and my photography has definitely suffered. Things have not gone the way I had hoped. I have felt frustrated. Depressed, Hopeless…Crushed and Hopeful. My webstore has not produced anything except 2 bogus purchases. The latest of which wanted me to ship my notecards to Great Britain for .75 and COD. That sale made me realize that I could not at this time sell my items and I went through and put everything out of stock. Again I was in tears because this is something I have worked very hard on.
My Friend Susan and I were able to make a big purchase of another friends online product, and that did jump start me on getting my Ebay store up and running. But at every turn I have felt blocked because I had closed my original Ebay store, that had been hijacked, a few years ago. Finally I have gotten to the point that I can list enough product that people are actually buying from me. Maybe at some point I can start putting my notecards up there in batches.
Another hit to my peace of mind was several major fires that ripped through the forest on the west side of the Cascades. The river valley I drive through was totally devastated. I did get a chance to drive through that area places, homes and business that I always saw and expected to always see are gone. However much of the area I enjoy hiking through is still there untouched.

This area is still green and growing.
The Covid Virus and the lack of funds meant that I did not make trips across the mountains for produce to fill my freezers, and I did not visit with family. I did not realize how much I did look forward to those visits even through they were usually short.

The germies and I have still been hitting the trail each morning however I have not always taken my camera. Mostly the trips were just to burn up some germie energy so that Susan and I can work on our online listings in peace.
As I have mentioned before those trips are usually my time to think. Today I thought it is time to get out of this frustration hole and get the camera out, start taking photos and posting on the blog. Of course this thought was on the side of Sage Ranch Butte and I didn’t have the camera. It is time for me to challenge myself to be creative and get to work on my photos.
I hope to start posting One photo a day every day for the Next Year or so. This challenge worked for me when I picked up my camera a couple years ago why not do it again. Pull myself up by the camera straps and get back to work.
So my photo for today was taken in Sutherlin, when Sue and I decided to go get the last load of product we bought from our friend. There is smoke in the air, It is fall and we are looking up the Calapooya River from inside the Rochester Bridge. It is early October.

Tomorrow will be another day and another photo.