It is a nice sunny day and officially spring here in Central Oregon. Little green shoots are popping up everywhere just begging to be photographed. Most are weeds but some are flowers. The daffodils should bloom in the next few weeks but the tulips are about a month or more out.

They are quite photogenic though. I spent several hours taking photos and digging in some of my flower boxes. I have realized that I am not as young or as flexible as I once was. It has been a long winter and I have not been doing any yard work. Actually I kinda quit when we were inundated with forest fire smoke for a month solid in September.
I also remembered that there is a reason I have a tripod. It is so I don’t have to twist myself into a pretzel trying to get the perfect shot. But where is the challenge in making things easy???? I do love digital though I took the photos checked them in the camera and downloaded them onto the computer. Then I went out and re-photographed what I had just downloaded because they were not perfect, and the light was different later in the day. I have managed to spend all day on this project.
What A Great Day.

One of my favorite subjects are the shells on an old wicker love seat. They have been in that location under a juniper tree for about 2 years. I spent all day photographing them because there was too much light or not enough light or just not in focus. A little Ocean and a little High Desert

Another of my favorite subjects are the mason jar fairy lights that are on my make shift fence posts. I have gotten enjoyment out of them for at least 2 years or maybe 3 now. Most don’t work well anymore and they usually fill up with water through the winter months. But they are fun to try and photograph with the sunlight shining on the copper colored wires.

Maybe one of these years I will replace the solar sensors but for now I enjoy them as they are.