It is officially spring and while it is pouring rain here today, my thoughts are turning to Fresh vegetables , luscious fruits and beautiful flowers. I talked to my neighbor about planting his garden. I am planning on several rows of broccoli and cauliflower and some sunflowers. He does the lettuce, beets, carrots, and potatoes. This year he is planning on changing up things and putting in a green house in an area  that he had some blueberries bushes in. ( they don’t seem to do well here.) He also has some strawberry plants that could be moved to the larger garden. The Blueberries and the Strawberry in this photo are from Thistledown farms in Junction city.

I love going to the local Farmers market here in Sisters but let’s face it the Willamette Valley is where the best growing season is. Thistle Down is where I would go in the 80’s when I wanted fresh veggies and something fun to photograph. Now 25 years later they have expanded and no longer sell out of the big barn. I am not as comfortable taking photos there but maybe?…… they had an incredible green house system. As I am eating the fruit I froze last summer, on my morning cereal, I am dreaming of the real fresh from the garden fruit, and as I watch the rain fall I am hoping for more flowers.

And dreaming about all of the different photograph opportunitites there will be this coming spring and summer