We are trying to get out and walk the Germies everyday. Today instead of going up Sage Ranch Road I decided to go west. The old McKenzie highway would be closing for the season today. While I didn’t plan on going up the highway I did want to go in that general area. Cold Springs Campground is supposed to be closed for the season as well, and that was where I was headed to. But the gate there was open and there were horse trailers in the parking area. Not a place I want to turn two wild German shepherds loose, so we drove on. I had many places in mind. Finally we went up the Forest Service road 1030 to a place that I had gone with my brothers family a couple years ago. Parked the car and let the Germies loose, grabbed the camera gear and headed out. The trail was an old logging or fire road and was pretty well grown over. We didn’t go far and I wasn’t seeing much I wanted to photograph anyway. But my experience is just take that first photo shot and you will see more.
Thank goodness for the Bracken ferns. I started taking their photos because the sun was shining through the leaves. Then I started seeing other things like this worn log that had burned at one time

And this log that is nearly one with the soil supporting new life for the future

and a bit further down this same log a moss covered knot draped by a White fir bough.

and finally I found this old log, loved the lines, the white fir boughs crossing it and the pine needles laying on it.

It is living breathing forest. I just have to slow down and look….