Doesn’t this look like a train wreck. It is totally unorganized, Trust Me!!!
I have been staying busy working on my garden. Last year I had decided to see if I could grow my own veggies just to save Sue and myself money. Some things we did really well on, somethings we started way to late. So this year I had the time and seeds to start early. Maybe way to early. I have a book on companion gardening and as I have mentioned before I built boxes. The plan is to fit as many different types of veggies together as possible in my boxes.

I planted Sugar peas in these boxes yesterday. The weather has been unseasonably warm and I have been so tempted to plant those tomato plants in the greenhouse, but if I do the temp will drop to 18 degrees.
I have been trying to get ahead of the cheat grass in the back yard and It looks better this year much earlier than usual.
I missed photographing my tulips this year. Those that are left after the rototiller German Shepherd went through the edges of my rock garden are a bit bedraggled

Every morning I take the germies for a walk/ run up Sage Ranch Road. Sometimes we go east sometimes we go west, sometimes we go north on the trail into the canyon or we go up onto the butte. There isn’t much to photograph this time of year and so I have been leaving the camera at home. I missed a cool rainbow because I didn’t have the camera but I totally enjoyed just looking at the light highlighting different buttes and ridges that never get seen in the regular light and clear mountain views.
Mostly I have the time to think about what I am going to do about this website and the Notecards.

I want to keep going with the site and the notecards, I have even spent much time listing the notecards on A selling site called Bonanza. I am thinking that the postage is killing my chances at sales. It is out of my control. But for the same shipping price of one card I can ship three. I am thinking I need to take my notecards and bundle them into sets. It would be great if people sent friends handwritten notes. Maybe…
I admit I am doing better selling clothing patterns on FB, and I have been concentrating getting those patterns on the FB auction site Bonanza, Mercari and Ebay. But while they are helping pay the bills they are not my passion.
Working on the gardening and walking in the mornings gives me much time to think.
What I have ultimately decided is to keep the Blog going. I won’t talk so much about my photography unless I get out and actually take some photos.
But I might get that Greenhouse in order and things planted. Right now I am hoping the wind doesn’t blow the cover off. It was trying when I took the first photo
well I guess if the wind does take it I will have another post talking about finding my greenhouse cover.
Stay Happy everybody this will soon be over….