Thirty years ago I wanted to sell my photos and I did sell a few. Then things changed I moved, camera technology changed, and my interests changed. I think I covered this in another earlier post so I won’t go there.
Last year we had some major fires and hiking was not in the cards till late in the season. I promised myself this year would be better. I also laced up my life boots
and called a printing company about making note cards.  I have about 60 different photo note cards and today I went in and dropped off another 42 photos to make into cards. I did sell a few of my cards this last month and I am so excited. The buyers loved the quality of the cards.  Now to sell more. I also have thought about calendars and journals. So I asked Amanda at Press Pros about that.
I also bought another used freezer. So you know that means more trips to Eugene and my favorite farm

Because a full freezer is a happy freezer and two full freezers is ever better. Plus l have food to eat all winter.
Sill I have not been hiking much. I did get a new wood stove and one hiking day was spent waiting for an inspector, and then we had a couple local fires that could have resulted in the loss of my home so a couple weeks of hiking days was spent on Much Needed yard work. I have roofers coming this week to replace the old roof on my house and studio /garage. I am also trying to convert the garage into a craft and photo studio, So there are several more hiking days that will be used up installing insulation in the attic and sending 3 houses of STUFF to where ever it needs to go….. Some new lights and we have a good area to take photos ,when I decide to do some table top still life’s
Tonight I needed to get out and scout for some fall color. The aspens I found last fall are fenced off and I can’t get to them .  Bummer
I didn’t find what I was looking for and no photos were taken, but what I did get was a good small hike, as did my hiking partner Susan and Aurora got to run with the wind.

She needed it more than we did.
So while I am not posting as much as I want and even get frustrated with the lack of photo hiking trips, I am trying to keep my dream of selling my photos and being able to support myself. I am also looking for places to hike or go that are not hot spots that everybody goes. I just need to be creative and they will come.
Because I can.
There are a lot of places close by and many areas that are not crowded much this time of year.
No Excuses  But….