This year I have been working on getting my home fixed up. That includes converting my garage into a photo / craft studio. There are many challenges with this task. It is filled with 3 different peoples stuff.  Floor to ceiling.  It is not climate controlled so in the Summer it is too hot and the Winter it is too cold. We are knocking each challenge off the list. New roof, installing thicker insulation in the attic area, putting a floor padding on the cold cement floor.  Next is putting new garage doors and finishing the insulation. My plan is to be able to go out and take photos in there any time of the year at least once a week or more. The challenge is to use  a random group of things and make pretty or interesting shots. That is where the stuff from 3 people help. (Lots of Random).
I also have a spot on the steps of the back deck. at some point I put an old fence piece up and it makes a pretty good backdrop on the old worn steps. But it can’t be used in inclement weather.  Yesterday’s challenge was to take the Gourds, Pumpkins, Indian Corn, Squash,  and other random seed items, combine them with the purchase I made at Goodwill the night before and add a few different things from the house and make cool photos.
The challenge I wasn’t thinking about was working with Assistants.
If they weren’t photo bombing my shots they were stealing or eating my props.  Meet my Assistants.
Aurora   Nova   Green Jeans
Each has their own talents
We all had a good time