It was a beautiful evening last night, I had hopes for a nice sunset over 3 finger Jack as that was the only mountain I could see that had clouds, on my drive home. Checked time of sunset 6:00. Lots of time. I was at the base of Sage Ranch Butte by 5:40. Headed out and up the butte. This is what I got 10 minutes later. and half way up the butte.
ok pretty obvious that the sun is already down and had been for a while. True sunset for here was probably 20 minutes earlier. But there was lots of light and no reason to quit taking photographs
By 5:57 this is the most color I saw. There is just a touch of pink on the ridge just to the right of 3 Finger Jack. It was wonderful up there the temp was about 40 maybe a bit less everything was quiet except for the lone robin calling. I wanted to stay.
By 6:00 I figured the color was gone but the camera could see what I could not and so I played around with the exposures and got this color
I stayed up there for another 10 minutes but I knew that I really did need to get down before it got dark.
It was Fantastic. I so needed the simplicity of the evening.