My goal Thursday was to make a quick trip to Eugene for more produce and my fiesta ware fix. My route was determined by the fact that I wanted to photograph Fall Color along the way and I had a specific place in mind. I had been seeing the red vine maple since September and figured it would get better as we got into October. I listened to the Weather people who said this week would be the prime time to view the fall color. Apparently Mother Nature took exception to this statement and threw frost and snow in the faces of the weather people. The red vine maple I was able to find was pretty spotted with frost freckles. Whereas the vine maple I had photographed a three weeks earlier were clean.

I saw a lot of dark green where I was hoping to find some yellow

I did however see the start of some color along the river.

Deciding that I was not going to get the color I had hoped for at this spot along the river I continued on towards Eugene. I stopped at a little rest stop along the way where I usually find something to photograph. This little wayside had taken quite a hit with the winter snows and wind last year and the county has not put a lot of effort to clean up the downed trees. I did however find a lot of things to photograph. Fallen maple and dogwood leaves were my goal here.

I ended this photo trip with another of my favorite subjects Ferns in the moss.
Later when I was home I started checking my back files of the fall color photos I have taken in the last two years. I found that my favorite red vine maple shots were taken from about mid September to the about the first of October. Mid October was Way to Late. For the Yellow big leaf Maple leaves the color was just starting in October and that the best color was about the last week of October. Unless we had a big windstorm. So the second week in October is Way to Early. Now some of the urban trees are just about perfect. I saw some in town today I need to go photograph… And I am thinking Monday I will take another drive along the McKenzie and see if I can find more yellow maples.
I got a new calendar for 2020, I am thinking that it would be a good idea to go through the year and my favorite photo files and block out general times when I should be out taking photos.. example would be the best time for wild flowers in Central Oregon… The best time for wild flowers in the Old cascades…. Fall color really starts …. when to go hiking …..
I think I can so schedule my photo times much better…. It seems that I am always just a bit late or a bit early. Of course there is always Mother Nature to work around. She can be quite contrary…